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Jaw Pain and TMJ Disorder

Do you suffer from a painful jaw, have difficulty swallowing, or feel a "popping" sensation when you open and close your mouth? These symptoms may be signs you are suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Disorder or TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder is caused by inflammation in the tissues where your lower jawbone joins your skull and can be caused by injury such as whiplash, clenching teeth, arthritis, stress or other causes.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The first step in diagnosing TMJ disorder is to see if your symptoms are being caused by TMJ disorder and not another condition. Diagnosis consists of taking X-Rays of your head and jaw to detect any inflammation or irregularities. We'll also examine your jaw and jaw motion, and carefully review your dental and medical history.

Treatment for TMJ disorder usually involves anti-inflammatory treatments such as applying heat or cold to the joint. We may also recommend changes to your diet, anti-inflammatory medication, stretches or massage for the joint and surrounding muscles, or relaxation therapy to reduce your level of stress. More serious cases may require physiotherapy or surgery.

If you suffer from a sore jaw or other symptoms of TMJ disorder, contact us to schedule an examination.

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