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Family Dentistry

We love kids, and it shows! We try to provide a friendly (and fun!) environment for our youngest patients, and we are committed to helping kids learn about and maintain good dental health. When you come into our office, your kids will be greeted with a smile and we'll do everything we can to make sure they leave with one.

Family Dentistry

Good dental health for kids begins at birth. Your baby's teeth are already growing when they are born, and it's important to check their jaw and mouths to ensure that their jaws are developing normally and their baby teeth are emerging correctly. When they begin teething, we can help you feel sure that their teeth are healthy and growing in well. Regular visits to the dentist at a very young age also help young children get comfortable with having their teeth and mouths examined.

When their baby teeth grow in, kids need to learn about dental health. We teach them how to brush and floss and how to care for their teeth, as well as the importance of a good diet. This is also the time to begin regular cleanings and fluoride treatments.

Later, when their adult teeth begin to grow in, we'll assess the growth of these important teeth to check their alignment to identify any issues that may require orthodontic treatment.

If you are looking for a friendly family dentist who loves kids, look no further! Contact us for an appointment today.

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